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Bridging the Gap: Collaboration Between Media and Development

Thank you to every one who was able to attend Wednesday’s panel-discussion “Bridging the Gap - Collaboration Between Media and Development” at the Meta House.

We had great panel of experts from both the journalism and development sectors. Giving voice to the humanitarian industry, Sharon Wilkinson has worked for more then 25 years in the in both Asia and Africa, and Jon Morales is a program manager from the Asia Foundation.

© Hannah Reyes / Ruom

© Hannah Reyes / Ruom

On the media side, Sebastian Strangio, former journalist and editor of the Phnom Penh Post and author of the forthcoming book “Hun Sen’s Cambodia”, spoke along side video news producer Narin Sun from the Voice of Democracy.

‎Rick Valenzuela, Cambodia-based videographer and the director of the Overseas Press Club of Cambodia moderated the discussion.

© Hannah Reyes / Ruom

© Hannah Reyes / Ruom

Topics ranged from defining the nature of the relationship between NGOs and the media, NGOs using the media to get more coverage of events, the necessity of protecting sources when reporting on sensitive social issues, the fear of being misquoted, and many more.

The lively discussion was live-tweeted and featured spirited audience participation, making the evening both engaging and informative.

Ruom would like to thank everyone who attended or participated online, and we look forward to seeing you all next time. For suggestions on possible future topics, we encourage you to tweet to @RuomCollective or use the hashtag #MediaNgoKH.