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Poland: Nationalist Independence Day rally turns violent fourth year in a row

This Tuesday, 11 November 2014, for the fourth year in a row, hooligans clashed with police during a far right march organized in Warsaw to commemorate Polish independence.

The first mass rally of this kind, uniting key nationalist groups, was held in 2010 and has now become the biggest far right event in the country.

While for most part of this year’s parade the participants remained peaceful, on the last leg of the march, after crossing the Vistula River to the eastern bank near the National football stadium, a group of rioters broke away.

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Commemoration on Veng Sreng

A small ceremony held by activists and monks from the Independent Monk Network for Social Justice (IMNSJ) was held yesterday near the Canadia garment factory complex on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. A group of around fifty people, a mix of monks and citizens, gathered to show their support for the four dead and the twenty-three detainees still being held by the government after deadly clashes early in January. The group gathered as the sun set, lighting candles and incense. Though bail hearings for the detainees are scheduled later this month, little is known about what fate awaits them.

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Crackdowns in Phnom Penh

The last few days have been some of the most dramatic in Cambodia’s recent history. Not since 1998 has the country seen such violence. Wide-spread and large-scale protests combined with strong anti-government sentiments created a powder keg environment, and the police crackdown on garment factory workers, and others protesting on their behalf, was the spark that set it all off.

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Clashes between CNRP supporters and police after a day of protest

An attempt of passing through a barricade, that were blocking the riverside of Phnom Penh, were stopped by police using Tear Gas and Water Cannons against a thousand CNRP supporters.

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