Ruom Collective
 The entire group of forest activists pose for a portrait on a tree cut by illegal loggers they caught early that morning. � Antoine Raab / Ruom


If the forest dies, we die”. These words are keeping the Prey Lang forest activists going.

Date: 2016 · Country: Cambodia · Text: Clothilde Le Coz · Photos: Antoine Raab · Video: Thomas Cristofoletti

In Northern Cambodia, an indigenous community is waging a battle to preserve its roots, traditions, and ancestral land. 

Living off Prey Lang, one of the last remaining evergreen forest in Southeast Asia, they document online every change in the local climate and every falling tree, to protect their sacred forest and their traditional way of life.

In Cambodia the state sponsored deforestation is a cause of concern for the international community and local inhabitants, the rapid felling of trees for short term gain by companies and government officials has regularly made the local headlines and the fight of this community has not gone unnoticed, in 2015 they earnt the Equator Prize for their efforts in building resilience in the face of climate change.